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PBS: "We don't trust NRD."

KOTA MARUDU, Aug 22, 2019:

Parti Bersatu Sabah today expressed concern over the coming mobile registration by the National Registration Department (NRD) in Semporna.

"Simply put, we don't trust the NRD, especially since just about a month ago, some people, including NRD officers, were arrested for their involvement in illegal issuance of MyKad," said PBS President Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili, here.

Speaking after launching a seminar on agriculture and political issues for Mukim Simpangan, he said such exercise must be done transparently.

"Some other agencies must be involved, such as the police, immigration, and mobile court officers to verify the applicant's birth certificate, other supporting documents and family background.

"Also call for independent observers comprising inter-party representatives. PBS will be sending senior leaders from the East Coast divisions to observe the exercise to ensure that operations are conducted legally and in order," he said.

The Kota Marudu Member of Parliament added that they fear some irresponsible parties would take advantage of such exercise to issue or gain the Malaysian citizenship.

On another development, Ongkili also questioned the progress of investigation on the three persons, including a NRD officer, over the syndicate of falsifying identification documents.

"What happened to the case? Why no one is charged as yet? We want these people to be brought to justice so it would serve as a lesson to others," he said.

Sabah Deputy police Commissioner Datuk Zaini Jass said the suspects, aged between 30 and 43, were nabbed on July 23 following a report lodged by a 55-year-old man who claimed that one of the suspects had offered to provide him with a birth certificate and identity card for RM3,500 and RM6,000, respectively.

"This is a serious crime and must be stopped at any cost. We do not want illegal immigrants to obtain citizenship illegally," he said.

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