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PBS: PSS contravenes IGC and MA63

TENOM, Sept 14, 2019:

Federal Government has no unilateral power to impose regulations on Sabah and Sarawak that impact on their State rights such as immigration without the formal agreement from both states' legislative assemblies.

Urging the Federal Government to suspend its decision to issue the Sabah Temporary Pass (PSS) to refugees from southern Philippines in the state, the Parti Bersatu Sabah President Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili said it must be done accordingly to safeguard the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63).

"The Federal Government has no unilateral power to formulate or implement policies and regulations regarding to immigration without formal agreement of Sabah or Sarawak governments. 

"This safeguard is contained in the Inter Government Committee (IGC) under Chapter 3, Article 16 (f) (ii) which states that 'admission to a Borneo State will not be granted to any person or class of persons, whether from inside or outside Malaysia, without the approval of the Government of the State concerned'," he explained.

Speaking when officially closing the 34th PBS N35 Melalap Annual General Meeting, here, Ongkili reminded Putrajaya that failure to do so means the Federal Government has contravened the IGC provision and also the MA63.

He said the proper way was to get the consultation from the east Malaysian states by passing a motion on the issue to get the approval from the state's lawmakers during its State Legislative Assembly sittings.

"This is practised by our Sarawak counterparts, and They are very firm issues related to the rights of the State and its people. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same with the current Sabah Government," he noted.

He said important policies, such as the issuance of PSS which he regards is a prelude to give them permanent residence status, and eventually citizenship, must be carefully deliberated by Sabah lawmakers.

"It needs the State Assembly to agree to vote a motion. Not a simple signing in writing by the TYT (Head of State) or Chief Minister.

"This is clearly a contravention of the IGC and MA63. We urge the Federal Government to suspend the proposal until proper consultation and agreement as proposed must are complied," he said.

Earlier, Ongkili also launched the closing ceremony of the 34th PBS N34 Liawan AGM in Keningau.

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