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PBS President Datuk Seri Panglima Dr Maximus Johnity Ongkili's 2019 New Year Message

Updated: Aug 13, 2020



1. After 7 months of new governments in Putrajaya and Sabah, there are hardly any positive changes, contrary to juicy promises in Parti Harapan and Warisan PRU14 election manifestos.

2. Prices of consumer goods continue to escalate, despite the abolition of GST which the PH/ Warisan governments claimed was the real cause of price increases and inflation.

3. The federal government lost revenue of about RM46b from GST collection, now collecting only less than RM20b from SST, depriving the nation of revenue for development, hence many planned development projects have been shelved or cancelled causing severe hardships to the people especially those in rural Sabah and Sarawak.

4. Commodity prices especially oil palm, rubber and coconut have continued to fall to almost below production cost causing severe losses of income especially to smallholders. Farm costs especially inputs and labour costs have continued to rise. The federal government has not introduced income support to help rural farmers cope with their farm losses and grave reduction in quality of life.

5. Overall economic conditions in Sabah have worsened since the Warisan coalition took over the helm of government. With rising prices of goods and services, prices of agricultural commodities especially oil palm, rubber and coconut at lowest level, rising costs of labour, and suspension and cancellation of many infrastructure projects, the economy of rural districts is at very poor state. Further, there is hardly any maintenance of basic infrastructure such as roads, water supply, school buildings, electricity and irrigation facilities. Household incomes have diminished and standard of living reduced drastically. Is this the new Malaysia and new Sabah that PH and Warisan promised in their manifestos?

6. In Sabah border and internal security continues to cause fear and concern to Sabahans. Kidnappings are still taking place despite increased allocation given to Esscom and other security agencies. Records of the number of illegal immigrants (PTI) arrested or deported are small compared to their actual numbers. These go to show there is yet a serious effort to really cleanse Sabah of illegal immigrants once for all.

7. Sabahans are also extremely concerned that there are syndicates operating to issue citizenship papers illegally in form of identity çards (IC). The police have arrested several leaders and members of these syndicates. The authorities must go to the root of these menace, investigate thoroughly and charge those involved in this act of treason.

8. PBS is fully aware that there were attempts to register quietly new recipients of IMM13 documents intended to give refugees status to illegal immigrants who are actually not qualified for such status. There is no basis for such registration except for political purposes by irresponsible political parties. Again this action is a breach of immigration laws and contrary to provisions of the Federal Constitution in respect of citizenship and residence in this country. Further, such action is a breach of the Malaysia Agreement 1963 as regards power of Sabah over immigration.

9. PBS is aware of attempts and action by party Warisan leaders to assist foreigners to register for citizenship documents through their road shows in various districts. Applications are supported by party leaders and forwarded to the Home Ministry for processing. Police reports have been made by PBS and other groups regarding this matter and we urge the authorities to investigate thoroughly this matter and take serious action on those involved.

10. PBS' stand on granting of citizenship is clear. It must be done in accordance with law and the Federal Constitution. And there must be transparency of process, making sure that applicants must meet set criteria and conditions. Any attempt to award citizenship through illegal granting of documents such as Identity Cards is an act of treason and must be prosecuted in accordance with existing laws. PBS will hold firm to this principle and prepared to bring this matter to international forums as a classic case of breach of the Malaysia Agreement 1963 in respect of Immigration and Citizenship provisions.

11. Rights over land for the Natives of Sabah is precious and provided for in the IGC and Malaysia Agreement 1963. Since the State government has insufficient funds to survey lots of native land to issue individual titles, the survey and issuance of communal titles is a good interim solution before lots are surveyed for individual titles. At least it protects native lands from reckless acquisition by private companies and even government agencies.

12. The decision by the Warisan State government to abolish communal titles will open the flood gates for big private companies to steal communal land from helpless natives. Worse, illegal immigrants who claim to have ICs will also intrude into the native hinterland applying for land in name of fake bumiputera.

13. It is therefore a foolish decision by the Warisan government to abolish the communal title concept, unless the government has at least RM100million a year for the next 5 years to survey the backlog of native lands pending individual surveying. To PBS there is a bigger suspicious design : to allow PTIs and suspicious foreigners to acquire rural lands at the expense of Sabah natives. This is done by illegal immigrants quietly applying for native lands without the proper scrutiny and vetting by native community leaders which would not happen under the communal title system.

14. These are the key disturbing concerns facing Sabahans today. There are many more? Are these the attributes of the new Sabah we want? We want the original Sabah promised in the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63)... prosperous, safe, progressive, dignified.

Sabah for Sabahans first, then other Malaysians.

Sabah is NOT for illegals !

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