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PBS continues to strengthen, despite losing a seat

KOTA MARUDU, Mar 6, 2019:

Disappointed but Parti Bersatu Sabah urge its defected Tandek Assemblywoman Datuk Anita Baranting to vacate seat and face re-election.

Describing that life goes on for PBS, despite Baranting’s departure today, its President Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili said it is the dignified way to serve the people.

“She left without any signal of dissatisfaction regarding anything in the party, and decided to jump ship and join the infamous Club of Political Frogs.

“That's not the way to best serve the rakyat and Tandek electorate. Indeed that's not the way to leave a respected  legacy of service to the electorate,” he noted.

Ongkili stressed that the PBS' persistent stand is simple, where: “You may choose your political affiliation, BUT if you are an elected member of a political party and wishes to do a frog jump,  you must resign your seat and go back to the electorate for a new mandate.

“This is the dignified way to serve the people. We urge her to adhere to this honourable practice of integrity.”

Expressing deep disappointment over Baranting's exit from PBS, Ongkili said the party had trained and groomed her over the years to be a model woman leader of integrity. 

“She was given the chance to be a PBS and Barisan Nasional election candidate three times, and with the party's grassroots strength in Tandek, she won the seats thrice.

“PBS also raised her to become the party’s Vice President and Women Wing's chief for the last four years so she could train and mentor young women leaders of integrity.

“While in BN government, PBS gave her the opportunity to be Assistant Minister and later full Minister in the short-lived Tan Sri Musa Aman’s Cabinet. 

“These were privileges not enjoyed by many in the party, which goes to prove that PBS had taken real good care of her for which she should be very grateful,” said Ongkili.

He further added that it was sad that Baranting chose to abandon that privilege of service in a most unprincipled manner.

Ongkili noted that the Tandek seat is a solid PBS stronghold, and the party has served the grassroots well in the constituency since its inception in 1985, winning the seat in all State elections ever since. 

“PBS will win back the seat any time a general elections or by-election is held. There are ready educated young men and women, especially from the Kimaragang community ready to replace her,” he said.

PBS had just celebrated its 34th Anniversary on Tuesday.

“There is full commitment to strengthen the party and pursue its noble struggle with renewed vigour and persistence, despite the loss of one elected member.

“PBS has proven it will be a party for all seasons, in good and bad times, for all original Sabahans,” said Ongkili.

Baranting announced today her resignation from all PBS posts to join Parti Warisan.

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