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PBS acknowledges ‘friendly contest’, determined to win all its seats

KOTA KINABALU, Sept 12, 2020:

Parti Bersatu Sabah acknowledges the ‘friendly contests’ between them and other Perikatan Nasional-friendly parties in the 16th state election.

“As conveyed to the PN leadership and the Sabah public, we have indicated that there would be friendly contests in some key constituencies where PBS' grassroots position is strong, as proven in the past elections. But our mission is clear - we want to win all seats we are contesting,” said PBS Deputy President Datuk Seri Radin Malleh.

He said the matter was brought up for discussion in various meetings regarding seat allocations, and in the case of seat allocation carried out by Barisan Nasional, its Secretary-General Tan Sri Anuar Musa forewarned that there would be overlapping of seats with other parties of the coalition.

Accordingly, Malleh who is also contesting the N42 Melalap, said in the 15 seats allocated to PBS, three seats were also contested by Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah namely N5 Matunggong, N7 Tandek, and N11 Kadamaian

Malleh, who is tasked as the party's Election Operation Director, further said that the seat of N2 Bengkoka and N42 Melalap were also contested by UMNO of BN.

“Of course we took this in good faith that the contest would be carried out in a manner to strengthen the position of PN in Sabah. These were the basic aims as discussed in meetings with both PN and BN.

“Therefore, after undertaking a close and critical analysis of the KadazanDusunMurut (KDM) areas, and based on the requests of our grassroots, we decided to enter into friendly contests in the seats of N42 Tulid and N38 Paginatan which we had even announced much earlier, N26 Moyog, N39 Tambunan, N40 Bingkor and N41 Liawan.

“Coincidentally, these seats were those allocated to STAR. In the seat allocation meeting chaired by PN’s Secretary-General Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainudin, we had of course raised and appealed for our requests to contest in these seats, so it was not new,” said Malleh.

He further added that PBS decided, in response to the request of our Muslim grassroots, to enter into a friendly contest in the seat of N34 Lumadan, which is contested by UMNO of BN.

“We have done every effort to avoid collision with PN component parties that may be detrimental to our position, but we are also fully aware that it is difficult at times. In the seat of N7 Tandek that was left to PBS to contest, Sabah Parti Solidariti Tanah Airku (Sabah STAR) openly placed (incumbent Tandek Assemblywoman) Datuk Anita Baranting to defend her seat. Her proposer was the Divisional Chief of Sabah STAR while the seconder Treasurer of the Sabah STAR Tandek division.

"Overall, we take this as a friendly contest. What is important is that a PN component wins all seats,” Malleh stressed.

In addition to the 15 seats allocated by PN, PBS added another seven seats, which added to 22 seats.

Touching on the nomination of PBS candidates today, Malleh said the first hurdle is over, and now the party focuses on winning all seats.

“Nomination went smoothly. Our machinery is going in full gear with campaign programmes.

“We are happy with the outcome. Our goal is to ensure that win all seats, with the collaboration of other parties who are members of the PN coalition,” said Malleh.

He said that aside from winning its seats allocated, PBS will also be fully committed to working with PN and its components in ensuring victory for all seats in other constituencies throughout the state.


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