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Parti Warisan’s ‘Sabah Change’ slogan is another rhetoric

KOTA MARUDU, Sept 2, 2018:

Parti Warisan’s ‘Sabah Ubah’ (Change Sabah) Slogan was probably another empty promise which will be left unfulfilled.

“In reality, the slogan was more than they could chew. They promised change and yet they are repeating mistakes which they claimed were executed by the Barisan Nasional Government.

“From what we have seen, they are just continuing what the previous government had done. I believe their slogan was ‘Change Sabah’, but obviously they are just good at talking but no action,” acting Parti Bersatu Sabah Youth Chief, Christopher Mandut, pointed out.

On another development, Mandut also questioned the appointment of civil servants and government-linked companies (GLC), including department heads, which he disclosed was lacking from the Kadazandusun Murut (KDM) community.

“It is as though the new government is neglecting the KDMs, who are not lack of experiences and have been in the trade long.

“Why appoint outsiders to hold important posts? Is there no genuine Sabahans qualified enough for the task?

“I, therefore, challenge the UPKO and Parti Warisan leaders to appoint a KDM to head the now vacated Sabah Forestry Department,” Mandut stressed.

Meanwhile, he also called on Parti Warisan administration to review the issuance of identification documents to foreigners, which had been the centre of discussion in the social media.

He said the matter must be explained by the current government for the good of the people and the state’s sovereignty.

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