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ONGKILI: Spread peace and unity for better Malaysia

KOTA MARUDU, Dec 23, 2019:

Parti Bersatu Sabah President Datuk Seri Dr Maximus calls for peace and unity in his Christmas greetings to Malaysians, particularly those in Sabah.

Malaysia, he said, is facing challenging times as it deals with global economic uncertainties,  regional security tension and domestic disruptive changes in government administration and policy making.

"Unsolved succession plan for the premiership has led to much uncertainty in the areas of foreign and domestic investments.  This has led to a sluggish economic growth and much hardship among the rakyat," he said.

The Kota Marudu Member of Parliament said a saga of failed political improvement, unfulfilled promises and economic changes continue to fill the media headlines and social chat groups, leading public frustration and disappointments.

"State security continues to be the perennial concerns of Sabahans arising from illegal immigration and foreign border intrusion by alien bandits and migrants.

"Yet in spite of these daunting scenarios, we want to persevere and stay united as Malaysians and to preserve this precious land of ours," he said addressing some 800 carollers from 30 church groups of various denominations during the Evening of Christmas Carols at Dewan Bunsadan, here, Sunday evening.

Ongkili noted that politics and politicians can come and go, but dignity, nationhood, and peace and order must prevail and defended.

He stressed that every individual needs to look up to powers in the heavens for wisdom, spiritual guidance and peace.

"May the message of Christmas make us humble to acknowledge the authority of the ultimate creator over the earthly kingdoms and powers.

"On behalf of PBS, we extend our hands of friendship and joyous peace and prosperity for a better Malaysia," he concluded.

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