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ONGKILI: New line-ups - the advent of reformed PBS

PENAMPANG, Nov 26, 2018:

Parti Bersatu Sabah’s new team has been described by its President Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili as ‘politically solid and formidable’.

“The new line-up is the advent of reformed PBS. We have a good mix, a blend of proven veterans and about 40 per cent new faces, mainly young people, who are equally talented and capable leaders. 

“These combination, who have shown promising leadership talents and contributions, will be able to inject new ideas and help PBS reach greater heights,” said Ongkili when chairing the party’s Supreme Council meeting at its headquarters, here.

This is his first task after taking the leadership helm from outgoing President of 33 years, Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan, during the party’s annual delegates congress a couple of weeks ago. He was promoted as the party’s Premier Advisor.

PBS three deputy presidents are Datuk Seri Radin Malleh, Datuk Dr Yee Moh Chai and Senator Datuk Jamilah Sulaiman; while Tandek Assemblywoman Datuk Anita Baranting and Christopher Mandut were elected as the party’s Women and Youth chiefs, respectively.

Congratulating his new team, Ongkili also announced names for the remaining posts.

Tamparuli Assemblyman Datuk Jahid Jahim has been appointed as the party’s Secretary General and to be assisted by Matunggong Assemblywoman, Julita Majungki, while Lu Kim Yen (Treasurer General) and John Chryso Masabal as his assistant.

Kiulu Assemblyman Datuk Joniston Bangkuai is PBS Information Chief, while the Vice Presidents for the Blue Quota (Bumiputera) are Kundasang Assemblyman Datuk Dr Joachim Gunsalam, Datuk Daniel Kinsik and Datuk Johnny Mositun (appointed);  Yellow Quota (Muslim Bumiputera) - Datuk Almudin Kaida, Ruslan Muharam and Labuk Assemblyman Abdul Rahman Datuk Kongkawan (appointed); Red Quota (Chinese) - Datuk Peter Mak, Datuk Linda Tsen and Dr Joseph Lee (appointed).

The Supreme Council members are Datuk William Majimbun, Datuk Louis Rampas, Fredoline Totin, Suman Yasambun, Stanis Buandi, Samson Gapid, Peter Allion, Demis Rumanti (appointed) and Awang Gariman (appointed) for the Blue Quota; Lin Harun, Francis Lawrence Yusof, Omar Hakim, Mohd Dinn Jamiran, Mursid Mohd Rais, Datuk Balbir Adjan (appointed) for the Yellow Quota; and Goon Thien, Kong Nyuk Tau, Datuk Johnny Goh, Ng Tze Tsai, Datuk Edward Yong Oui Fah and  Lim Vun Chan for the Red Quota.

“We also set up the PBS Council of Eminent Leaders, which will function the party’s advisory council to generate proposals and programmes towards the betterment of the party, to be headed by Premier Advisor (Pairin) and co-chaired by Datuk Seri Michael Asang. Others in the council are Datuk Mary Yap Kain Ching, Datuk Zublee KK Zen, Datuk Dr Osman Menudin, Datuk Herbert Timbun Lagadan, Datuk James Vitalis, Datuk Claudius Sundang Alex, Datuk Lawrence Gimbang, Datuk Dr Bernard Maraat, Datuk Thien Fui Yun and Chin Tze Min,” he said.

To ensure the smooth running of the party, eight bureaus were set up namely Administration and Finance, and the Malaysia Agreement 1963 and Sabah Rights bureaus, both to be headed by Ongkili; Discipline, and Illegal Immigrants and Foreign Workers bureaus (Radin); Research and Training Bureau (Jahim); Membership Drive and Database Bureau (Mositun); Law and Legal Matters Bureau (Yee); and the Youth and Women Bureau (Jamilah).

Ongkili said the new line-up will be sworn in on Dec 7, adding that several appointments to fill vacant posts will be made in due course. 

“It is my hope that this new line up will work together to strengthen the struggle of PBS, go down to the ground to meet the people and ensure that our programmes are carried out to include the  grassroot level besides assisting in recruitment in new memberships.

“Let us work together and stay united. We have gone a long way, thanks to the leadership and guidance from our former President. Let us make PBS great again as we offer the party to  Malaysians in Sabah to champion their interests, rights and basic needs,” Ongkili concluded.

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