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KOTA MARUDU, Sept 7, 2018:

Parti Bersatu Sabah today called on the Parti Warisan-led government to quickly elect native and village chiefs in all districts, particularly the Kadazan, Dusun, Murut and Rungus (KDMR) areas.

These posts were vacated following the en bloc sacking of all native and village chiefs the ‘new government’ took over the nation and state’s administration from Barisan Nasional two months back.

“The native and village chiefs’ absence had somewhat created chaos in the administration of culture and traditions such as solemnising engagements and marriages among natives, and even presiding and resolution of native customs disputes among natives,” said PBS deputy president, Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili, today.

He said these matters on administration of native culture and tradition are important and cannot be taken lightly.

“Unfortunately, Parti Warisan seems to be taking this matter lightly, which proves that they care very little on the native’s customs. They spend most of their time building homes for illegal immigrants and giving documents to foreigners,” Ongkili said.

He said such issue does not affect Muslims that much as they can be solemnised by Islamic religious leaders.

“For KDMR, there must be qualified appointed native leaders, therefore the election (of native and village heads) is only a proper procedure in order to select qualified and respected native leaders presides over customs,” he said.

These matters were raised during the PBS N5 Tandek Women and Youth joint meeting, here, on Thursday.

“PBS received complaints that in many villagers here, couples planning to get engage or married through the local custom cannot do so due to the vacated native or village chiefs posts.

“Many are forced to postpone their engagements or marriages ... this disrespects the native customs of the KDMR communities.

“People are now wondering why dies it take Parti Warisan so long to elect community heads. They are being irresponsible and don't care attitude.

“Is this delay caused by the fact that the Parti Warisan-led state government’s legal status has not been decided by the court? Perhaps they have lack of confidence in managing the state knowing that their legal status is still pending,” Ongkili concluded.

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